We believe we must contribute to raising the bar in the software industry by teaching the principles and practices that stand the test of time, and helping grow a community of professionals.


We share Software Craftsmanship values and practices. We are focused on quality and building great software products as a result of a team effort.


A strong learning culture is at the core of 404. Katas, workshops and technical talks take place every week. As part of our team, you’ll have free time slots to continue your professional growth according to your needs and interests. A mentor will guide you and help you become a great software craftsperson as well as develop skills to become a mentor yourself.


When you join 404, you go through a three-month-long paid apprenticeship programme where you start your path to becoming a Software Craftsperson.

During this time you’ll learn everything you’ll need to join one of our teams: XP practices, various technologies and the essentials of software design, clean code and DDD.

This is a hands-on programme where you’ll be mentored by one of our experienced software developers, who’ll guide you along the way and help you improve and build your unique career path.

Daily katas, reading books and articles, watching videos, and attending talks are the main activities you’ll be taking part in.

Interview Process


Cultural Fit

This is a two-way unstructured chat. First we talk about your learning and professional path. Then we give you an overview about our culture, our approach and how it is to be part of our team. Duration: 30 / 40 minutes


Technical interview

This step is all about your technical experience, knowledge and learning culture. We’ll dive deeper into technical practices and software design concepts. Also we’ll go through our approach and how we work on a daily basis. Duration: 1 hour


Pair programming

Pair programming is an essential part of our daily work, so it's a natural way to learn more about your skills and learning capabilities. You will pair with one of our Software Developers and work on a specific problem using technologies you feel comfortable with. Duration: 2 hours


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