Portal expensas

Portal Expensas is a PropTech company with over 20 years of experience building systems for condominium management. It currently helps manage more than 200.000 apartments.

As the years went by, the software grew in terms of features but with a great technical debt that became an obstacle to the business’ growth.

In order to modernize the service, we developed a mobile and a web application, where owners and tenants can pay their monthly expenses, access their payments and expenses history, make claims, book amenities, and manage communication within the consortium.

Also, we built an API for the legacy core system to communicate with external applications such as the above-mentioned mobile and web apps. This will enable us to easily build further services for any actor in the condominium ecosystem and thus strengthen Portal Expensas’ business. 

Nowadays, more than 50.000 owners and tenants use our apps to connect with the condominium. And it keeps growing every day.


Product Development, Software Modernization, Strategic Advice


Frontend Web, Mobile App (iOS and Android), API


React, React Native & Typescript, Kotlin, AWS


8 Months.