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  • Televisa Niños
    Señal TN
    Management and Development // Avatar agency
  • myNeeds
    myNeeds Social Network
    Development // Lyncros agency
  • myNeeds
    myNeeds Android App
    Development // Lyncros agency
  • Disney Babble
    Disney Babble
    Management and Development // Avatar agency
  • Acertijos Numericos
    Numerical Riddles Android App
    Idea & Development // 404 Product
  • Honda Performance Evaluations
    Honda Performance Evaluations
    Management and Development // G.S.B.
  • Radio Disney
    Radio Disney iPhone & iPad App
    Development // Avatar agency
  • Colgate Dentist Finder
    Dentist Finder Android App
    Development // Sherpas agency
  • Truefan
    Development // Lyncros agency
  • I.I.R.S.A.
    Development // F5 agency
  • Disney Latino
    Disney Latino
    Consultancy and Development // Avatar agency
  • Colgate Fresh Kisser
    Fresh Kisser iPhone & Android
    Development // Sherpas agency
  • GeeVee
    Development // G.S.B.
  • Tang Mi Bosque
    Tang Mi Bosque
    Development // Avatar agency
  • Viajar Hoy
    Viajar Hoy
    Development // F5 agency
  • Andreani
    Development // Exelsum agency
  • Forward Beyond
    Forward Beyond
    Consultancy and Development // Forward
  • Aula 365 Papa Francisco
    Aula 365 Pope Francis
    Development // Competir agency
  • La Fabulosa Aventura de Sharpay
    Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
    Development // Avatar agency
  • El Rey Leon en DVD
    The Lion King on DVD
    Development // Avatar agency
  • Global Gates
    Global Gates
    Management and Consultancy // Avatar agency
  • La Dama y el Vagabundo en DVD
    Lady and the Tramp on DVD
    Development // Avatar agency
  • Disney EMEA
    Disney EMEA
    Management // Avatar agency
  • YellowPepper
    Management and Development // Avatar agency
  • Vidamil iPad Game
    Vidamil iPad Game
    Development // Sherpas agency
  • Fiesta Odebrecht 2011
    Odebrecht Party 2011
    Consultancy and Development


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iPhone / iPad / Android Phones / Android Tablets / HTML5 Mobile Applications
Web Applications
PHP / ASP.NET MVC / Ruby / HTML5 / Rich Internet Applications / Facebook Applications
Interactive Applications
Games / HTML5 Applications / Video & Audio Players
/ Consultancy
Architecture and Software Design / Auditing / Scalability / Security / Performance
Project Management
Agile Project Management / Application Prototyping / Feature Definition / Goal Planning / Lean Startup
UX Consulting
Information Architecture / UX Strategic Planning / UI Design / Interaction Design / Wireframing / Heuristic Evaluation
Key Technologies
Objective-C / Swift / iOS SDK / Java / Android SDK / C# / ASP.NET MVC / PHP 7 / Symfony / Backbone / NodeJS / HTML5 / CSS3 / LESS / SASS / Ruby / Social Apis / Unit Testing / Test-Driven Development / Domain-Driven Development / GIT

How we work

  • 01
    We believe that quality is a key feature of all successful products. Our experience allows us to combine the best programming, software design and UI techniques to achieve products with internal and external high quality.
  • 02
    Simplicity and Elegance
    Our solutions are simple and elegant. We optimize effort and reduce complexity by using modern libraries and techniques that are extensively tested by the industry. This allows us to quickly deliver robust and maintainable code.
  • 03
    Modern Technologies
    Based on the latest technologies we build software that follows new trends and meets market needs.
  • 04
    We design the proper recipe for each project. Our experience allows us to carefully choose the tools and techniques that best suit each project, in order to reach the business objectives in the most efficient way.
  • 05
    We love what we do! We see software development as an art, enjoying building applications, and paying special attention to detail. We believe that therein lies the difference between a good product and a great one.
  • 06
    Smart Management
    We understand that ideas grow and change. By using agile methodologies, working side by side with the customer from the beginning to the end of the cycle, we ensure that the software development process meets the needs of the business.
iPhone / iPad apps
Android apps
Web apps

We consider 404 as a project that emerges from 10 years of experience working in software development at Digital Agencies and Software Factories. After managing and developing hundreds of projects and products, we understood the intrinsic problems of communication and understanding between the world of software development and the business world.

We planned 404 as an alternative that integrates both worlds to provide the best possible results.

In our fourth year of history, we offered services to different customers in Latin America, Spain and the United States, and strengthened our team. We've developed multiple mobile and web applications, provided consulting on various kinds of projects and products and provided professional project management services and software development.


Nicolas Bottarini
Nicolás Bottarini
Technology & Research

Nicolas is one of 404 co-founders and is responsible for the technology and research areas.

From an early age he was surrounded by technology. His curiosity and a strong background from ORT Technical School and Computer Science at Buenos Aires University led him to master the most diverse programming languages and techniques for building software.

His research spirit has led him to develop great self-learning capabilites, taking on different subjects such as expertise in agile methodologies, software engineering, usability, textmining, among others.

Before 404, Nicolas was director of the Production and Development department at the Avatarla.com agency.

Andres Sanchez Gomez
Andrés Sanchez Gomez
Project management and new business

Andres, also one of the 404 co-founders, is responsible for generating new business and project management.

Before 404 he developed as the head of the Project Management and Production department at Avatarla.com agency specializing in lead, define and manage the interface between the business and productive areas.

Trained at the Philosophy and Literature career at Buenos Aires University he gained experience as a developer, project leader, project manager and entrepreneur, experience that defines his multidisciplinary profile and orients his present and future towards generating new business, management and strategic projects conception.


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