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Señal TN

Televisa is a big mexican media corporation. Television, newspapers, magazines, TV and film original productions, radios, parks, among others. In the last years they where reducing the presence of kid’s content in their TV grid. As a contrapart, they wanted to move that content to the web, the natural environment for the kids.

Then came up the idea of Señal TN. They contacted an agency called Avatar and they came to us as a technological partner. Together we’ve build Señal TN: a content, video, online games platform with a social network in a gamificated environment.

Working directly with Televisa’s IT, Development and Content Teams. It was a complex project, with many technical challenges.


Development, Consulting, Project Management


CMS, Responsive Frontend Web, Admin Console, Embeded Social Network


PHP, Symfony 2, Grunt, RequireJS, Less, Backbone, Java, Adobe AEM.


8 Months